Upcoming sponsored workshops

Millimeter Binding Taught by Andrew Huot


2300 East Ocean Boulevard

Long Beach, California 90803

June 11 – 12, 2016

The Millimeter Binding, or Edelpappband, is German in origin and makes a simple, elegant binding. With thin boards, edges of leather and decorated papers for the covers the binding create graceful detail on thin, printed or blank books. The book is sewn, glued, and boards are attached to the text block. Then edges of corners are reinforced with leather before final covering paper. Students will complete one Edelpappband binding during the class.


Single Section Staple Binding in Stone Taught by Coleen Curry

Venue TBA

July or August 2016

This three-day class will explore binding structures using real stone veneer in the techniques created by Sün Evrard. Participants will construct a modified historical structure with conservation principles in mind, using the stone veneer, wood and wire. The single-section staple binding is simple but is executed with a lot of care and attention to detail. The binding is sewn pamphlet style and then attached to the boards using copper wire, wood and parchment tackets as secondary sewing. We will decorate the bindings by cutting into the stone and painting with acrylic. Students will create one binding; and if time allows, we will explore uses of the stone as a decorative element for bindings or boxes.


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