American Printing History Association Conference



The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
San Marino, California ♠ October 7-9, 2016


We will be on hand at the Book Fair on Friday October, 7.


For centuries, the ancient traditions of craft guilds and trade secrets made the discovery and study of printing, papermaking, and the allied arts illusive, even quasi-mystical, inviting evocative terms into the lexicon like the black art, blackletter, printer’s devil, printing chappel, hell box, and coffin. These associations were with us from the start. In the opening preface to the 1677 edition of Mechanick Exercises: or, The Doctrine of Handy-works, author and printer Joseph Moxon noted, “handy-craft signifies cunning or sleight, or craft of the hand, which cannot be taught by Words, but is only gain’d by Practice and exercise.” Moxon is referring to all the handy-crafts, but devotes a full volume to the history and practice of printing because there is so much to learn. APHA invites you to join us as we explore printing history through the lens of magic, mysticism, secrecy, alchemy, curiosity, and wonder.


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