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California Chapter news

The California Chapter board members have been SO busy with your latest member exhibition Book/Art/Artifact at the California Center for the Book in San Francisco, still on display until August 28. Several interesting activities have been planned in conjunction with the exhibition and we hope these will offer viewers a way to be more involved with the pieces. Member Coleen Curry led the in-person workshop at SFCB on leather decoration. Be sure to read Brian Adams’s report in this newsletter.  On 11 August 2022 a walk-through of the 

Book/Art/Artifact exhibition with members Clair Emma Smith and Sue Ann Robinson discussing technique and style of some of the pieces displayed. Be sure and check the SFCB website.

And we are still working! Election of new board members just ended, and we have terrific leaders taking us forward with workshops and gatherings, both digital and in-person.  I would like to especially thank those board members who are staying on the board, exhibitions chair Carolee Campbell for securing SFCB as the exhibition venue, co-chair Rebecca Chamlee for designing the exhibition catalog,  treasurer Vicke Selk for timely, clear financial spread sheets, Debra Disman who provided meeting minutes in a timely manner.  I’d also like to thank Jean Gillingwators for extending her time as newsletter editor to put together this issue of our newsletter. 

Next up on 20 August will be the annual open board meeting and lunch at Claire’s at the Long Beach Museum of Art. New programs chair Sue Ann Robinson will lead the discussion of upcoming chapter activities. This is what happens when capable, committed members volunteer time and talent to making the GBW California Chapter a remarkable organization! 

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