The California Chapter
Under the aegis of the national Guild of Book Workers, the California Chapter forms an association of people involved in many different aspects of the book arts, including bookbinding and design binding, book repair and conservation, box-making, work with paper including paper-making, conservation and marbling, the creation of artists’ books (including pop-ups!), fine printing and the collection of the varied and beautiful work of book binders and book artists from around the world.

In its geographical reach and distribution of members, the Chapter covers the entire GoldenState. Our activities include the sponsorship of workshops on various aspects of the crafts which are of interest to our membership, exhibitions, lectures, seminars and occasional informal and social gatherings. Our membership is varied in its interests and skills, ranging from amateur enthusiasts and hobbyists through skilled professionals to world-renowned design binders. We are friendly and mutually supportive, so that fledgling binders can count on help and advice while the skilled and experienced freely share their expertise.

The Guild of Book Workers
The national Guild, for its part, publishes a newsletter and journal, organizes exhibitions, and stages an annual meeting, known as the “Standards of Excellence,” which showcases and demonstrates the work and techniques of experts and also provides a fertile opportunity for enthusiasts to assemble and exchange ideas. It provides an opportunity for members and potential members to establish connections and relationships.

This web site will act as a useful adjunct to our excellent printed newsletter and also as a forum for the sharing of news and information. Please feel free to contact any of our officers with questions or information. Submissions for the web site should be directed to our webmaster.